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Дейли - Действующие лица. Студия графического дизайна

About us















What we offer:

Identity - logo, trademark, advertising character, corporate identity

Design of corporate publications - booklet, catalog, annual report

Design representational materials - poster, calendar, flyers, postcards

Design and publication of books










- 2012.  "Golden folio" in the "LIT format" National Competition "Art of the Book."

- 2011.  Hiiibrand 2010 Exhibitions - Hangzhou, China.


- 2011. The festival of graphic design "Dialogue Design"
            Exhibition Logo - Historical Museum
            Exhibition of posters - ZnakaMinskasсi

- 2011. II Belarusian Advertising Festival "AD.NAK!"
            "Design & Art Direction"
             II Prize. Logotype. Trademark "Linen & linen"
             III Prize. Multipages publishings. Broshure "Alfabeto"


- 2011. Finalist of "Hiiibrand-2010." China.
Logotype of Historical Museum of Belarus 


- 2011. Catalogue LogoLonge 7. Series "Master Library. Shapes & Symbols"
            Logo of Belarusian Oil Trading House 


- 2010. I Belarusian Advertising Festival "AD.NAK!"      
             III Prize. "Design & Art Direction"
            Logotype of Historical Museum of Belarus           
            III Prize. Poster. ZnakaMinskasсi


- 2004.   I Prize in the category "Personal Page". TIBO-2004
              Site "Homework"             


- 1999. Advertising Festival 1999. "Eurolines"
            I Prize. Booklet, annual report.
            Annual Report MTBank-1999 


- 1998. Advertising Festival "Golden Wolf"
             I Prize. Booklet, annual report.
             Anual Report MTBank-1997